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Getting Started
Just fill out the following short form. This is purposely not too detailed to be able to provide us with the necessary basics to get us started. You can always call us at (718) 635-1037.

We will answer you right away to start the process and help you with all your current and future kosher needs.

It's that simple!
Our goal is to take the guesswork out of this process and to ensure that your product(s), once certified kosher, can enjoy the widest range of exposure and acceptance.

IN ORDER TO BEGIN RECEIVING INFORMATION FROM IKC, fill out as much of the form as you wish.
          First Name
          Last Name
          Company Name
          Type of Products
    (e.g. Candy, Salad Dressing, Ice Cream)

          Do any products contain dairy ingredients?

          Do any products contain meat ingredients?

          Will the facility manufacture kosher & non-kosher products?

          At how many locations are the products manufactured?

          Location of facilities: City, State, Country

          Have you ever had kosher certification before?


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