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Understanding Kosher

We are often asked, “What do I have to do to be Kosher?”
...And the answer is, “not much”.
We will do the bulk of the work, but in most cases the process is not difficult or complicated, depending, of course, on what you want certified.
We sort it out for you to make it understandable and easy

We break it down to 2 things:
INGREDIENTS – Which ingredients do you use and do they conform to the rules?

PROCESSES – How is it made?What are your utensils and equipment and how are they used?

Example 1:
If you want a vegan restaurant certified.The ingredients will most probably be 98%–100% kosher already. And the process will also probably already conform to the rules. So there chances are you can be kosher certified within a few days of contacting us.

Example 2:
You manufacture bread and you want it kosher certified. Basically all your ingredients are probably kosher. What can be wrong with flour and water? We make sure there are no special additives that need certification (such as cheese, etc.). We check the process and how else the oven is used.

We also determine if you need to take off "Challah" from your products.
Again chances are you are already kosher or can be certified within a few days.

Most situations are relatively uncomplicated.
(See the section 
“Defining Kosher” for an outline of the set of rules that make up the kosher laws. It is meant only to provide a general overview. A competent rabbi must always be consulted for proper interpretation and implementation of these laws.)

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